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Shop no. 100 of LG/F., No. 1010-1046 King’s Road, East Pavilion, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong2739708309:00-21:30
Shop S39C, 2/F., Kornhill Plaza North, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong2706913309:30-21:30
Shop 114 & 115, Wan Tsui Shopping Centre, Wan Tsui Estate, Chaiwan, Hong Kong2884463009:00-22:00
Shop No. 106B, 1/F., Oi Tung Shopping Centre, Oi Tung Estate, Shau Kei Wan,Hong Kong2406017209:00-21:30
Bank A on Basement of Dollar Building, Nos. 143-145 Shaukiwan Road, Hong Kong2567063509:00-22:00
G/F, Western Commercial Building, Nos. 29-31 Des Voeux Road West, H.K.2291614609:00-21:00
Shop no. 2A, Level 3 of Market Block, Lei Tung Commercial Centre, H.K2719204709:00-21:30
Shop no.12 & 12B, G/F, Yip Cheong Building, No. 426-428B, Des Voeux Road West, H.K.2819640809:00-22:00
Shop No.7, First Floor, Island Resort Mall, 28 Siu Sai Wan Road, Siu Sai Wan, H.K.2248508109:00-22:00
Shop 1. G/F., H. Bonaire, Nos. 62-76 Ap Lei Chau Main Street, Hong Kong2648712009:00-20:00
Portion of Shop E and shop G, UG/F of Kwong Sang Hong Building, No. 188 Wan Chai Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong2758650009:00-21:00
G/F & 1/F, No. 476 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay2725727010:00-22:00
Shop 7,G/F, Imperial Kennedy Shopping Arcade, No.82 Belcher's Street,Kennedy Town , HK2506139909:00-21:30
Shop Nos. 3 & 5 , G/F of South Walk Aura, 12 Tin Wan Street,Hong Kong2553123709:00-21:00
G/F and M/F of Dak Shing Bldg., No. 94 Java Road,North Point, H.K.2450017809:00-22:00
Shop 10A & B, G/F, Harbour View Garden, No. 2 Cathick Street, Sai Wan, H.K.2818574109:00-21:00
Shop B on Ground Floor of On Fai Building, No. 82 Old Main Street, Aberdeen2631358709:00-21:00
Shop No.111, First Floor, Hing Tung Shopping Centre, Shau Kei Wan, H.K.2560703209:00-21:00
Shop D-E, G/F Fu Yuen Building 20-20D Spring Garden Lane, Wanchai2476088909:00-22:00
Shop B on G/F and Mezzanine Floor of Jade House, Nos. 11-15 Fleming Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong2537635710:00-21:00
Shop G, G/F, Luen Tak Apartments, No.45 Smithfield and No.34 Forbes Street, H.K.2986481109:00-20:30
Shop No. B52 on Basement of Provident Square, North Point2539730209:00-21:00
Shop nos.301A, 301B & 301C, 3/F, Siu Sai Wan Plaza, 10 Siu Sai Wan Road, Chai Wan, H.K.2505377309:00-22:00
Shop H & Basement, Cheong Hong Mansion, Nos. 25-33 Johnston Road, Nos.1-3 Thomson Road, H.K.2528655609:00-22:00
G/F and Cockloft, Nos.67 & 69 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, H.K.2545520009:00-22:00
G/F, 100 Electric Road, North Point, H.K.2570717808:30-21:30
Unit No. 124, 1/F of Marina Square, the West Commercial Block, South Horizons, Apleichau, Hong Kong2558100209:00-22:00
Shop Unit 2 on the First Floor of Block B of Walton Estate, Nos. 341-343 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, H.K.2758529309:00-21:30
Shop A, G/F, No.8 Causeway Road, H.K.2808128909:00-22:00
G/F, Concord Commercial Building, Nos. 155-157 King's Road, H.K.2806252309:00-21:30
Shop no.235, Podium Level 2, The Westwood, 8 Belcher's Street, Sai Wan, H.K.2258915110:00-21:00
Shop G on the First Floor, Site 5 of Aberdeen Centre, Hong Kong2556373609:00-22:00
Shop No. 204, 2/F, Yiu Tung Shopping Centre, Yiu Tung Estate, Shau Kei Wan, H.K.2567110209:00-21:00
Shop Nos. L44 & L53B, Lower Ground Fit Fort, North Point, H.K.2117068609:00-22:00
Shop A, G/F, Richsun Garden, No.51 Centre Street, H.K.2857307408:30-21:00
Shop A, G/F, Fung Yuen Building, Nos. 388-414 Shau Kei Wan Road, H.K.2560174109:00-21:00
Shop No.1, G/F, Tung Che Commercial Centre, No.246 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun, H.K.2517650309:00-22:00
Shop B,G/F,350 Hennessy Road, Cheong Ip Building, Wanchai, H.K.2572124009:00-22:00
Shop No. G23-27, Ground Floor, Midland Plaza, 328 Queen's Road Central, H.K.2805275609:00-21:30
Shop Nos.317A, 3/F, Chi Fu Landmark, Pok Fu Lam, H.K.2875127309:00-21:30
Shop B & D, G/F, Winner Building, 11-11A Wong Nai Chung Road, H.K.2573107009:00-21:30
Shop nos.A-C, G/F, No. 128 Wellington Street, Central, H.K.2815043408:30-21:30
Ground Floor and Basement of Avon Court, No.23 Caine Road, Hong Kong2894890209:00-21:30
G/F, Hing Cheong Building, No.25 Shau Kei Wan Road, H.K.2539092809:00-21:00
Shop 1B, Wah Fu (1) Shopping Centre, Wah Fu (1) Estate, H.K.2875705208:30-21:30

Fluorescent Tube and Compact Fluorescent Lamp (Energy Saving Light Bulb) recycling collection box is available. Thank you for your support to our environment.
Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services/ Christian Action / Orbis /Heifer International-Hong Kong donation box is available. Thank you for your support.

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